Wednesday, October 22, 2014



For this assignment I was inspired by a series we watched in class that was a very cinematic look at the elements. However these videos had no sound and we were left to our imagination. I am very fond of the idea of "The Four Elements" and wanted to actually hear all of the elemental sounds simultaneously. I recorded different elemental sounds and played them all next to each other. What I got worked surprisingly well and was in a way, a tad therapeutic. Since there are four elements and I am only working with three screens I decided to combine wind and fire into the middle screen but separate the audio and give each element its own speaker. I chose to combine fire and wind because of the four, I believe they"play nice" with each other meaning their audio is relatively soft and works well together.

Singular portions of the Triptych

Monday, October 20, 2014

Jeff's 2D Score

I chose to attach certain colors to certain parts of the gun. I chose to follow a general direction with and move from each part when I felt I had played everything from that section. The spokes looking thing I decided spin the barrel to achieve a clicking noise. The white of the paper wasn't played and was used as empty space.

My 2D Score

Since my partner is a graphic designer I chose to use the four color process colors as an inside joke. He didn't get it. Jeff's instrument had four tubes with two rubber bands over each tube. I chose to make the colors represent each tube and have the black and gray triangles indicate which rubber band to play. The angles determined how fast to play.

Artist Instrument

I decided to go with a gun because it is something that isn't really looked at like something that has to do with music. I wanted to play around with the possible sounds that a plastic gun would make when attached to a contact mic. Ironically, when one plays with this instrument, it looks strikingly similar to a male fondeling himself, which plays on the idea that a bigger gun kind of represents a bigger penis.