Monday, November 23, 2015

Model Update

The critique Mason and I went through last Monday was very helpful. We received a lot of great stuff, but most notably that it seemed out concept was confusing and muddled. So we have taken this week to start from scratch and rework our concept and model in order to push what kind of message we want to get across. This gave us some new found inspiration and really allowed us to zero in and push an idea. We decided that we wanted to push into a world that is entirely dependent on oil as an energy source.

Using this image as our reference to model  from.

Monday, November 16, 2015

3D View of WIP Model

Augmented reality update!

We are arriving at the last stages of our model and will be spending the majority of the rest of the semester working on getting it to map right in real space. We will are working on getting a couple more ads into the model, just figuring out placement.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Technical Rider

Art 451 Problems in Digital Media
Fall 2015

YOUR NAME(S): Zachary Cordisco and Mason Furr


MEDIUM: Mobile Augmented Reality


Our project is a site specific piece that will involve the manipulation of the site through augmented reality. The goal is to render the corner of fourth and sierra, when facing the silver legacy, of downtown Reno. We are choosing to model a society that is balancing on hope and fear. We would like to depict a civilization just before the apocalypse happens.


The work will be location specific. The corner of fourth and Sierra facing towards the Silver legacy will be our subject matter.  


In order to view our work, the user will need to have a smartphone with gps and to have downloaded the app called “Layar”.