Monday, October 26, 2015

Post Critique thoughts

After critique/status updates today, we got some feedback to approach the remodeling of the building from a different perspective. Instead of apocalypse styled broken down things, we are going to attempt to push into an area that is "Just before" the apocalypse happens. We are going for a feel of hope AND fear in the things we create, in order to really bring something new to the apocalypse thing that has been done over and over. This will provide a new challenge for me because I now get to approach these buildings in a whole new perspective and really push my imagination to see where it goes.

Updates for 3D AR

 We have established a spot where we would like to make our piece from. We are using the corner of 4th and Sierra due to its great view of a multitude of ads and some its very nice iconic architecture to model things differently from. Below are base models of how the intersection will be built in 3D, as well as pictures of what the audience will be looking at and which ads with be altered and changed.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Project Shift - Augmented Reality

Alrighty, so the whole evolution project thing, as I moved farther along with it, turned out that the details I was going to attempt to represent would be too subtle to get people to recognize. Though it lead me to the next project idea! Mason and I have joined forces to work on an Augmented Reality project that will bring augmented reality to a corner of downtown Reno. I will be turning that corner into a post apocalyptic Reno, an overgrown and broken down not to distant future. Mason will be taking the advertisements on these buildings and altering them into things that could be advertised in a not too distant future.

We are using a program called Layar. Joe showed us a workshop here and we are using that as our foundation on how to achieve our goal.

We had some issues when following the workshop because it required us to use some backend website stuff that was way over our heads, but with some persistence we got it working.

Some issues we are expecting to run into is that the model render isn't staying in one place and its rather jittery, so setting up a way for to present this for the user and allowing it to be the same experience every time is going to be tricky.

We will be going to downtown this week to get photos and look at reference points and plan out where the user should be to experience what we want them to.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Augmented Reality 2D Examples

My partner Mason and I have been working with Layar, an augmented reality app. For a demonstration of its 2D AR capabilities, we have done some things to the following pictures. So download the app and scan these photos to get a taste of the 2D world of Augmented Reality.