Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Stop Animation Vignette

Artist Statement:

This was my first attempt at a stop motion video. We were tasked with 3D modeling and 3D printing that model to use as a prop within a vignette. If the model wasn't the main focus it had to have some other significant role within the piece. The vignette had to tell a narrative of our choice. Since I was going through some hard times when this project was assigned I wanted to tell a story of persistence and determination to keep getting back up and pushing on through. Sadly that deep concept was lost when my, what seemed to be an overly simplified, wandering story was finished. I chose a fox as the main character because fox's have a sort of whimsical background that follows them, as well as an air of mischief. I modeled the fox with two different leg positions to get an efficient walking effect when the frames were played at a lower frame rate. I built the set out of found materials to bring a sort of playful aspect to the video. Though in doing so it definitely brought in a childish aesthetic that might have taken away from the narrative.