Sunday, September 27, 2015

In progress wolf project

I decided to tweak the project just a hair in how I was going to present it. Instead of showing one wolf in a standing position, I have decided to go with a render of a pack taking down a caribou. I figured this would give the audience a more exciting preview.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Speculative evolution project

The idea behind this project was to take an easily identifiable animal of today and use its evolutionary history to project what might happen to it in the future if we do not fix climate change. The first animal I chose was a dog, but I very soon realized there isn't just one dog I could choose. I then went back to all dogs first know ancestor, which brought me to the gray wolf.

I then began to look into its habitat, diet, and evolutionary history to determine what changes it has gone through over its time on earth. With habitat in mind, the research on where climate change would effect lead me to read that the tundra will began greening, directly contributing to a rise in caribou and deer. Wolfs do not hunt caribou as often as deer, if they are going for a caribou then it will be weak or sick. If there is a rise in large caribou, nature is going to need something to keep that population in check so I applied the evolutionary history of the wolf to this scenario. Wolfs will need to get bigger to take down more of a such a large animal, their teeth will need to grow larger due to the way a pack hunts, loss of fur density due to the warming climate, fur color change due to the greening environment, and larger paws for hunting larger prey.

I am still getting the hang of Zbrush and Maya, so reaching the level of detail I have in my head has proved to be a great challenge.