Thursday, December 5, 2013

Digital Media Art write up #1

Bring your own Beamer was an event put on by one of the advanced digital media classes at the University of Nevada, Reno. I was under the impression a lot of what the event would be focused on would revolve around digital art and projectors. The event was held within a classroom, in a good portion of the hallway surrounding the classroom, and within a small gallery space that was across the hall from the classroom. Since the only way to get to the classroom was by walking through the hall, naturally I encountered the hallway projects first which were not what I was expecting.
Lining the hallway, on both sides, were projects that were not digital but very much in physical and were not what I was expecting. I immediately began accessing the works of art as to what they could mean or what their purpose was. All of the sculptures were made using the same material as a base: Records. I then begin to notice the phonograph looking objects placed on certain projects and I figured out what the overall theme was. The idea behind them all was sound and using some sort of interactive element to achieve this sound through unconventional means. My favorite was one sculpture that resembled an arena with the floor made out of shards from different records. Sitting next the the area where three Beyblades (ripcord powered tops) with needle points attached to the bottoms of them. Thus when you let them loose within the arena and they would spin over the record pieces making all sorts of different noise. This fascinated me because it took something that was a child's toy and turned it into an interactive art project that produced sound.
I actually ended up jumping the gun on the time of the event and was an hour early so I adventured through the pieces and talked to the students while they were setting up.

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