Thursday, December 5, 2013

Digital Media Write up #2

Phyllis Shauffer 
I went into this art lecture not knowing what to expect. This was a completely new experience and I was excited. I walked into the room and sat in one of the back rows while I observed the type of people who were also attending this lecture. That kept me entertained till the actual artist showed up. I remember thinking “She doesn’t look like an  artist” which was weird because artists don’t look any different from anyone else. I also had never seen a piece of her work prior to the lecture which I thought worked because everything I would see would be completely new to me. 
She opened up her lecture with background on where she was from and then just jumped right into where she pulls her inspirations from and what she tries to do in her artwork. Phyllis jumped around a lot within her presentation, she would show us some art of hers, what she was thinking at the time and where she got her inspirations, then she would began to tell us her life’s progression through schools and living. She got into a pattern almost where she would show us a painting explain its inspirations and meanings and style then drop back to how she progressed through life up unto the point of that painting then she would show us another piece and begin the cycle all over again. 

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to her talk about her life and adventures and thought processes because it was a new experience for me to listen to an artist talk about his/her work in front of an audience. People also asked her questions which she had to stop and think about even though it was about herself and her work, so it was intriguing to see that an artist is just a normal person, they aren’t magic or insane, just normal human beings being themselves and using what they can to express themselves. 

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