Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exhibition: Tehching Hsieh

Having seen both exhibitions within the Shepard Contemporary gallery, shows me just how versatile that gallery can be. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the gallery was that the floor was tile and not carpet, which to me set a more serious tone for the space. The second thing I noticed was the framed documents on the wall directly as you walk in. These were some of the documentation for the other works of Hsiehs'. The piece that I was there to see was his "Time Clock" piece. When I went into the main part of the gallery, I was caught off guard with how it was presented. The time clock set up he used when he actually made the piece was replicated on and display. The thing that was most intriguing to me was that all of the pictures he took for every hour were lined up under the timecard for that day. Three hundred and sixty five columns were lined around the entire room. Something that caught my eye, when observing all of the pictures around me, were the pictures that seemed way darker then all the other ones. This caused me to think maybe the flash didn't go off right or the film was over developed or something of that nature. When standing in a space and looking at a collection of photos at that caliber really puts time into perspective. It was overwhelming. Trying to mentally comprehend what it took to complete that work is very challenging and awe inspiring and it really shows what can be done a determination like his. In the middle of the gallery was a table with the documentation of intent and the uniform he wore for the piece. It was incredibly humbling to experience this amount of work in a gallery here at UNR.

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