Saturday, December 12, 2015

Clicks and Pops Artist panel

This was my first my experience with an artist panel here at UNR and it was actually rather inspiring.
The panel was made up of Louis Niebuhr (Musicology), Jean-Paul Perrotte (Music Theory and Composition),  Robert Morrison(Profesor Emeritus Sculpture, UNR) and Tohm Judson (Composition and Digital Media). I think the professors on the panel where a nice concentrated group of individuals that really showed the diverse areas of music research that UNR covers and having Tohm there really provided a nice diversity in opinions and perspective that I thought made the for a better well rounded discussion. They were all very knowledgeable on their respective areas of focus and were passionate about those areas.

My favorite part of the panel was listening to Tohm Judson talk about his work and his perspective on being outside academia. I think this is a view that is extremely important to students, especially digital media students, because he was discussing the possibilities someone has to do professional art in a digital medium setting and how you can be successful in that practice.

The other professors had a lot of great things to say and you could see how each individual viewed their subject material and how that produced their current viewpoint. Though it was odd for me to see Robert Morrison on the panel, as I have had a drawing class from him and it was predominantly focused on perspective. Also knowing that his background is in sculpture, though he did bring in some interesting points on how music and sculpture can interact and become a piece together. I guess he was another outlier in terms of major focus on music.

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