Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kevin Chen Artist Talk

The day Kevin Chen had his talk was also the day I had an off campus field trip for my last class, which caused me to be just late enough to miss his introduction and see him began to start introducing one of the exhibitions he curated. I honestly didn't even know his name at this point and was really confused when he was just talking about other peoples work. I obviously figured it out, but dang, what a confusing intro.

The exhibition Chen was discussing was absolutely fascinating. I love maps a great deal and was in awe with what the artists were doing with them. The amount of detail and uniqueness in each one was something else. I really enjoyed the idea having data driven maps and the things produced were visually intriguing and it was great seeing data being represented in a way that allowed it to be displayed in a gallery and featured in an exhibition. The variety of the artwork too, was something spectacular. Another piece of art work that really stuck out was the magic spinning table. Being a digital media student, I am always interested in the way artists are taking new technologies and interacting with them. This artwork really showed how much more we can get out of existing platforms by being a bit more creative and applying a "filter" so to speak. The application of forcing people to look at something they have been using for one purpose from an entirely different perspective is fascinating to me. This is something that really inspires me and gets me excited about the potential digital art has.

Kevin Chen's personal art caught me off guard. I was not expecting something like that to come from him, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having started out with graphite myself, its refreshing to see graphite art making into galleries. Chen's focus on scale opened my eyes to what manipulating scale can actually do for an artwork. I also appreciated his drawings and his ideas of these super cities built from all sorts of different architectural styles. The combination made for a great visually appealing piece.

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